Once my internship in a national news agency was completed, I switched to the world of the Internet and digital information. After some experience as a freelance journalist, I then continued my career as a PR journalist at the Swiss Television (TSR) which became Radio Television Switzerland (RTS).

Author and founder of the MemoryWiki blog, I also co-hosted a multimedia and high-tech program on the Couleur 3 radio channel every Saturday for four years. A program also offered by the national press group SSR.

My passion for technology

For nearly fifteen years, I have acquired a broad experience in print, web, television and radio journalism. At the same time, I have also developed a formidable knowledge of the world of telecommunications and high technologies.

As a fine connoisseur of the digital world, I have also contributed to the development of several websites, including mobile versions and applications on different mobile systems.

For more information on high-tech, the world of information and more broadly for communication on social networks, check out YouTube, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, or even Facebook …

MemoryWiki: the statistics

At peak, up to 125’000 visitors consult MemoryWiki’s main site every month. The monthly audience usually varies between 50’000 and 75’000 unique visitors, according to data from Google Analytics, the world reference in web traffic statistics. MemoryWiki has never stopped growing over time thanks to the extraordinary feedback from Internet users. 

Feedback management & privacy policy

Detailed comments are welcome on this site. As far as possible, I try to breathe a spirit of respect and kindness. I thus consider that comments that are clearly defamatory, irreverent or contrary to the development of this blog do not have their place here. I reserve the right to moderate interventions in this regard.